Holiday Stress Tip: Put a Stick In It!

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Holiday Stress Tip:  Put a Stick In It

Even now that my children are grown, the biggest challenge the last few weeks of the year hold - also known as Winter Break -  is keeping everyone engaged and having good food ready 24/7.
Here’s one answer:

Fruit Kabobs!

They can be a real sanity saver in many ways. Here are two:

Situation One

This time of year holds countless extra demands on your time: parties at work, neighborhood gatherings, school parties, shopping for gifts, family gatherings, travel, and let’s not forget the big one: two weeks without school. Without school you find yourself looking for ways to engage your kids and doiFruit Kabobng endless cooking. Fruit kabobs can take care of both! Choose the fruit for the kabobs, store them in separate containers, and put the bamboo skewers somewhere easy to find. Keep the Fruit Kabobs recipe out so your kids can pull it out and follow the direction to making their own snack.

True, there’s a “mess factor” to this. You might want to do it once with them and be ready to praise them for their successes. Especially when they clean up after themselves.

If your kids are not ready to do it alone, that’s OK! It’s still a great learning activity – and snack!

Situation Two

Having the whole family over for a holiday meal? Do the kids tend to get a little wild waiting for dinner and presents? Keep them busy by having them make “Kabobs to Order.” Give them a check list with each guests name at the top. Have them ask each person which fruits they want on their kabob. Once they’ve taken the order, they can set about making them. When the kabobs are done, the children can deliver their order as a snack around the football game or at the dinner table. You decide!

Hint: this works best when you give them a specific area to create in that is out of the way. Cover the floor in newspaper or large garbage bags for easy clean up afterwards. And be sure to have a place for washing hands nearby!

Of course both of these situations have risks – especially the risk of mess. But they also have great opportunity for learning and independence. They serve as a nutrition education lesson, as a fine motor activity, a literacy activity, and a social skill or communication activity. There’s so much going on!

Where’s the recipe? At the bottom of the blog you will find links to a pdf for Fruit Kabobs from the Cooking By Color Collection in English and Spanish. (This recipe does not appear in the book)

So when the kids seem at loose ends, or if you’d like to avoid the fights that happen at the family gathering every year, give ‘em a stick and let ‘em stab it (the fruit).

Have fun!

Fruit Kabobs English Fruit Kabobs Spanish
CBC Fruit Kabob Eng thumb CBC Fruit Kabob Spanish thumb

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