Labor Day Creations...Andy Approved

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Yesterday was Labor Day here in the United States. Where else was it Labor Day? (teach me!)  In Oregon it was a rare, sunny holiday (we have plenty of sunshine this time of year, but 9-4-12-willametteholidays are often obscured by clouds. It’s tradition.) This is the weekend my Mother was notorious for having our annual “Fourth of July Picnic.” That tells you something about summer in Oregon. Yesterday, though, was perfect.  People headed to the rivers, the beach, the park, anywhere outside to barbeque and relax.

Except us.

My husband works for the Washington County Sherriff’s Department as a Deputy in the Jail. That means we don’t experience holidays the same way as everyone else. They’re usually “just another day.” Especially now that my oldest has “launched.” Now holidays are must Andy and me.

I was in a holiday mood.

So, we tried some new recipes!

Andy always likes it when I feel like creating in the kitchen. I think he believes the world is right when Mom’s in the kitchen. He especially likes these unplanned, between meal experiments. They’re full of tasting, stirring, mess making, and tasting some more. Add to that, whenever possible, he’s got a job to do! Yesterday was no different.

Corn! Fabulous BBQ Corn!


This first recipe isn’t much of a recipe. There’s so much flexibility. We grabbed what we could from the garden to add. But it was a big hit here at our house!

Foods You Need

What You Do

1. Prepare the vegetables.

2. Fill a large pot with water and heat to boil.

3. Light the barbeque. (or pre-heat your George Foreman Grill).

4. Put the corn on the cob in the boiling water. Boil for 2-3 minutes.

5. Remove the corn and drain the water.

6. Lightly brush the onion slices with olive oil.

7. Place the corn on the grill. Turn when kernels begin to brown.

8. Place the onion slices on theGrill until soft.

9. Remove the corn from the cob. (It’s easiest to slice it off with a sharp knife).

10. Slice onion rings in half (to make half circles) and separate.

11. Add to a bowl:

12. Add half the chili powder.

13. Stir.

14. Pour in (lime, mango, orange) juice.

15. Stir.

16. Chill for 2 hours.


Serve with crackers or chips as a relish or as a side dish salad.

Andy proclaimed this fantastic. He liked it best with Corn Chips (not Fritos). I liked them with Sweet Potato Corn Chips best. We tried them with pretzels, too (see photo).

Best part? Watching Andy practice eating both the chip and the relish on top in one bite!