Courage, Compassion, Connection

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It’s still January.

I still have time.

To do what, you ask?

To choose a theme for the year.

This time last year I shared my focus for 2012 was Connect.

But instead, I disconnected. I survived.

Many of you know the gory details. 2012 was full of regression for our son, Andy from health issues. Each time we thought we had found what he needed, we were teased with a week or so of improvement followed by more regression and pain. It was the opposite of his years as a baby. Instead of two steps forward, one step back, it was one step forward, two steps back. It was a hard year. Those close to us heard some of the details. For the most part, we all regressed, focused inward, and, well, we survived.

Yes, we survived.

I remember sitting in his room at one point, tears streaming down my face saying, “We’ve become a statistic.” (This one: “has trouble accessing care.”)

Those of you walking this path of parenthood with me know that this means that the creative energy to connect, was spent in other, more immediate ways.

Thankfully we found the right person, the right clinic, and the right treatment plan. It’s been a whirlwind of recuperation since October!  We saw something “new” return, almost daily well, into December. My boy is back.


Life is full!

So full, in fact, that I find myself exactly where I was before I fell off a ladder two years ago (and where I thought I was at the start of 2012): creating connections in our community for Andy…and Rex and me.  So connecting is very much in the forefront again.

One thing I could do this past year is a bit of reading. I’ve enjoyed doing some non-academic reading about topics others have researched and share. From that I’ve come to a much clearer vision of the influence of grooves, choice, and weight management for people with Down syndrome and related disabilities. I’ve also come to a much clearer vision that to be on this Wellness Walk for Andy, I must always remember that I am on the path, too. To be successful, for him, and with you, I must have the courage to be vulnerable and learn; the compassion to listen and learn; and as a result, build a meaningful connection.

I tell you all this to help you understand why choosing a theme for this next business year has been tough. Survival mode is very introverted. Andy’s regression and recovery has inspired much mulling and a desire for meaningful connection.   

Having said that, I am borrowing from Brené Brown’s TED Talk for this year’s theme:

Courage   Compassion   Connection

Stay tuned!


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