Tip-A-Day for 31 Days: Celiac Awareness Month

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# 2: What's in the Pantry?

When we bought our house I didn't know what a good pantry was. I was thrilled just to have one. This pantry needs work, though, and is on my list of "home improvements." I need to re-organize it every six months because it's impossible to keep things in it neatly. However, if you're new to living gluten-free, the pantry and cupboards are a good place to begin. Look for anything that has gluten in it and put it aside. Flour and Barley are easy. It's the mixes, boxed items, and prepared foods that are tricky.  Be sure to read all the labels. Even the Corn Chips. 

Take a good look at all those things. See any mystery items? You know ...the things you bought because it sounded good at the time. Anything you've not eaten in 6 months is probably safe to toss.
Divide the rest into essential and non-essential items. An essential item is something someone in the house can not live without. You buy them every week and they are gone before the next trip to the grocery store.
Make a list of those essential items. Those are the things you must find a a gluten-free alternative that your family likes. 

It may take some time, but I'm convinced it's possible. Share your finds on my Facebook Page - you never know who has been looking high and low for months on end for the same thing!

See you tomorrow!

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