Tip-a-Day for May: Celiac Awareness Month

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Tip-yellow postit # 3: Looking for Soy

I’m going to start calling these TTT’s to save on typing.

San-J Tamari SauceToday’s TTT is about Soy sauce. Andy loved getting Chinese take-out.  I liked it because it was easy. We also make what we call “fried rice” a lot to deal with leftovers. One of the surprises for me in this journey with Celiac disease, is that soy sauce has gluten in it.

We found a great alternative in San-J, certified gluten-free Tamari Sauce. 

San-J has a number of products. Our favorites are low sodium Tamari Sauce and the Sweet and Tangy sauce. They also make individual serving packets of Tamari sauce that are useful in lunches and on the go.

I met the owner when he just finished the process of becoming a certified gluten-free company at an exhibit. He smiled from ear-to-ear when I told him our story and that his products brought something good back to our menu.

(Just in case you’re wondering, we receive nothing in return for sharing the products we use in our home. These are unsolicited recommendations.)

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