Tip-A-Day for 31 Days: Celiac Awareness Month - #5

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Tip-yellow postit# 5: Open a Tasting Room

Ok, not really. You don’t need to open an actual tasting room. I do, highly recommend learning how to taste and explore new foods. Gluten-free eating involves a lot of courage for people who tend to be rigid in their food choices or experience sensory defensiveness around foods or certain textures. 

This is fun for me. I really like tasting new foods. And since I’m an adult, and often in charge, I know that it’s Ok not to like something. There are polite ways to say “no thank you” or “Oooh. That’s a bit too much for me.”

A sample page from my tasting journalIt’s also one of my favorite activities to do with children, teens, and adults with Down syndrome. Learning to taste, describe, and experience new foods.


Purchase an copy of My Tasting Journal: Keeping Track of the Foods I Try an e-book designed just for this purpose. It includes some guidance on the process of tasting foods and ways to use the journal to help you navigate this new lifestyle.  


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