Disability Solutions

Disability Solutions: Volume 1

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Issue 1

A Focus on Recreation and Leisure
Can I Play Too? Choosing a Community Recreation Program
by Stuart J. Schleien, PhD, CTRS, and
Linda Heyne, PhD, CTRS

Issue 2

Learning Individually: A Guide to Curricular Adaptations
by Alice Udvari-Solner, PhD, & Julie Frentz

Issue 3

A Portfolio to Complement the IEP
The Mac Book: Highlighting the Person in the IEP
by Moly Grogan Matthesis

Issue 4

A Focus on Religious Communities and Inclusion
Bring On the Church Coach!
by Rev. Bill Gaventa

Issue 5

A Focus on Self-Advocacy
Working as a TEAM of Journalists
by Mitchell Levitz

Issue 6

Revolultionary Advocacy: Using the Internet
by Linda Rowley



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