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Disability Solutions: Volume 1

Cooking by Color Recpies for Independence

Originally designed for teens and adults with disabilities, the system is useful to many others including college students, novice cooks, or anyone eager to take charge of their cooking and menu planning.  Cooking by Color has been tested by a cadre of teens and adults. Let Cooking by Color simplify your life and revolutionize your kitchen experience.


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One aspect I really like about Cooking by Color: Recipes for Independence is that recipe portions are for 1 or 2, rather than 4 or 6! It really makes a difference. It can be hard for my daughter to portion out the meal, especially if it's a favorite. It's so easy to eat it all. This makes it much easier for her. I also appreciate your use of literacy principles in the design of recipe. This, too, makes a huge difference for her.

Tena Benson, RN, MPH.
Coordinator of the Fitness Across the Life Span Project,

Cincinnati Childrens Medical Center,
Past coordinator of the Adult Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida Clinic,
and proud Mother of a young adult with ID/DD




The CBC system is perfect for setting cooks up for success .

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Cooking by Color is the culmination of many years of work and research beginning in 2002. The process has been shared in over 25 presentations all around the world with rave reviews. I waited to publish it until it the final version was tested and approved by multiple cooks.

The result is a recipe template that combines best practice in health literacy and universal design for learning.




Cooking by Color is perfect a perfect teaching tool for anyone who wants to do their own cooking. It's a great tool for classrooms, cooking classes, transition programs, and agencies supporting community living.

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