Disability Solutions

Volume 2

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Issue 1

Using Drama, Role Play, and Dramatic Play
Drama: A Poweful Tool for Social Development
by Sally Bailey, MFA, RDT/BC

Issue 2

Self Talk, Augmenting Communication, &
Building Community Support
"Self-Talk" in Adults with Down Syndrome
by Dennis McGuire, PhD, Brian A. Chicoine, MD, and Elaine Greenbaum, PhD, RD

Issue 3

Focus on Brothers and Sisters of Children
with Special Needs
We're Special Too!
by Carol, Cassie, and Mikelle Russell

Issue 4

Focus on Including Self-Advocates in
Community Leadership
by Essie Pederson, M.Ed.

Issue 5

Focus on Teaching Sign Language
by Claire Donovan, S-LP(C)

Issue 6

Focus on Computers and Learning
Will's Power... Mac
by Tracy FInch

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