Disability Solutions

Volume 3

Disability Solutions: Volume 3

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Issue 1

Focus on Paraprofessionals
Paraprofessionals in Education
Paraprofessional in the Classroom:
What Role Do They Play?
by Patti McVay

Issue 4

Focus: Communication Strategies
Augmentative & Alternative Communication Techniques in Inclusive Classrooms
by Pat Mirenda, PhD

Issue 2

Focus on Assistive Technology Assessments
Assistive Technology: Putting the Puzzle Together
by Penny Reed, PhD

Issue 5 & 6

Special Edition:
Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Issue 3

Focus on Introducing Food Textures
From Milk to Table Foods: A Parent's Guide to Introducing Food Textures
by Joan Gutherie Medlen, RD, LD

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