Disability Solutions

Volume 4

Disability Solutions Volume 4

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Issue 1  nov_dec_1999

Focus: Positive Behavior Support
Practical Approaches to Behaviors That Drive You Crazy
(Also Known As "Challenging Behaviors")
by Paul White

Issue 4mar_apr_2001

Healthy Lifestyles in Adults with Down
Syndrome: A Survey
by Joan Gutherie Medlen, RD, LD &
Mia Peterson

Issue 2may_jun_2001

Home-to-School Communication

Issue 5jan_feb_2001

Foundation of Healthy Attitudes
Part One
by Terri Couwenhoven, MS

Issue 3may_jun_2000

Which Way Did She Go? Wandering in Children with Down Syndrome
by Denise Bockwoldt

Issue 6jan_feb_2001

Sexuality Education: Building on a Foundation of Healthy Attitudes
Part Two
by Terri Couwenhoven, MS


Special Edition: Down Syndrome &
Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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