Disability Solutions

Volume 6

Disability Solutions: Volume 6 & 7

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Issue 1fall

Thinking About To morrow: The Transition
to Adult Life
by Jo Ann Simons

Beginning a Career: Stefanie's Story
by Cherly Ward                                                                

Issue 4summer

"Don't Touch Me!"
Working Through Tactile Defensiveness
by Cathy Haarstad, MS


Recommended Resources

Issue 2winter

Whose Choice Is It? A Primer on Making
Informed Choices
by Dan Baker, PhD


Healthy Lives & Informed Choices: Can You Have Both?
by Joan Guthrie Medlen, RD, LD


Stephen's Success: A Tale of Teaching
and Tenacity
by Jamie Todd


From the Toolbox: Don't Think It Will
Work? Customize It!
by Andy and Joan Medlen

Volume 7
Issue 1springnwsltr

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize!
Communicating Means Succes
by Michael T. Bailey

In-Home Support as "Life Support for the Soul"
by Lisa Ackerson Lieberman


Book Reviews:
Special Education: A Parent's Guide for a Child's Success


A "Stranger" Among Us: Hiring In-Home Support for a Child with Autsim Spectrum Disorders or Other Neurological Differences

Issue 3summer

The Least Dangerous Assumption
A Challenge to Create a New Paradigm
by Cheryl Jorgensen, PhD


Enhancing Literacy:Using Audio Books
by Karin Mentz, MLS


The Next Chapter Book Club
Learning Never Ends


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