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My Food Record

My Food Record Dry Erase Board available from Phronesis Publishing

My Food Record Dry Erase Board



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The most important skill in weight management is keeping a food and activity record. An honest one.

This one skill sets the stage for success like no other according to studies about weight management.

My Food Record Board is an innovative and easy way to begin to keep track of foods you eat throughout the day. Write your name at the top to make the record your personal record.

Foods eaten are recorded by food group with a simple check mark. Boxes in white are reasonable numbers of servings throughout a day. Gray boxes suggest it may be time to think about choosing foods from another food group.

Food groups are color-coded to match the USDA My Pyramid Color Scheme for consistency in education.

My Food Record Board is an easy-to-use tool, especially for those who eat most meals at home.