My Tasting Journal

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My Tasting Journal
Keeping Track of Foods I Try

By Joan Guthrie Medlen, MEd, RD



An E-book

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 ISBN: 978-0-978-6118-2-8



My Tasting Journal is an electronic journal template designed to encourage trying new foods. Showcased in Coaching Clips Volume 1, No. 3, My Tasting Journal provides a structured method to learn how to describe tastes and preferences.

This electronic booklet includes lesson plans with learning objectives for organized tasting experiences to use over and over again with groups of all ages and stages. Activities included in the journal are designed to include every type of eater: even the pickiest ones.


My Tasting Journal Professional Package allows for reproduction for all the students you work with. It is a perfect way to add taste testing and food experiences to your classroom for every student! The booklet includes instructions and modifications for different levels of literacy skills.

Registered Dietitians

If you work with people of all ages who have Down syndrome and related disabilities, you have undoubtedly run into the "picky eater" dilemma. My Tasting Journal is a great tool to use when coaching parents, families and children, teens, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.