Tips and Tricks to Quit the Food Police!

food police

Were you recruited to the Food Police Force?

Thinking about joining?

Think again.

Being the Food Police is the opposite of your long-term goal: a healthy life for your child or the person you support who has Down syndrome.  IIt's also the easiest job to get - even in a recession.


Still not sure if this is for you? Ask yourself these things. 

Do you....

  • Hide vitamins or other supplements in foods?
  • Find your self saying "no, no, NO!" every time food is involved?
  • Feel like food is controlling yoru life?
  • Bribe your child to eat "healthy" foods?


Does your child...

  • Hide a stash of food for later?
  • Hide wrappers from foods eaten in the trash can or in the couch?
  • "Lie" about what he's eaten?
  • Trick friends and family into giving him favorite foods?


If you answered yes to one ore more of these, you may already be on the force.  


Join me for this webinar. We'lll talk about the top tips and tricks for leaving yoru police job behind and walk squarely into person-centered, quality health for your child with Down syndrome...and you!


Date:  Tuesday, August 21, 2012. 

Time:  9:00am - 10:30 am Pacific time. 

 Not sure what time this is where you live? Click here to find out.

Where: Your Computer, iPod, iPad...whatever. 
           ( I use Adobe Connect, so that's the app to download for yoru phones and such).

Cost: $20.00

Information about how to connect will be sent after purchase. I'll leave time for questions and answers at the end. 




Can't make it on the day of the event? Don't worry! The webinar willl be recorded and available  with those purchasing a ticket for 90 days after the event. 


Don't wait until there are problems. Start walking away from the Food Police by signing up today.





About the presenter:

Joan Guthrie Medlen, MEd, RD, is a dietitian who focuses her work on creating practical tools and services that are easy to use for families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who support them to promote quality living. Know world-wide for her books, The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook, Cooking by Color: Recipes for Independence and her public speakingJoan thoroughly enjoys coaching families, consulting with programd and professionals, and creating tools to promote quailty, healthy living.